Those Things We Tomorrowed

by Neev

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You can purchase the album on cassette tape via Little L Records here:


released May 30, 2014

Recorded at The Grove in Memphis, TN, April 2014
Engineered/mixed by Calvin Lauber
Mastered by Carl Saff
Artwork by Garrett Smith

On these recordings, Neev is:
Joe Barthol - Vocals
Taylor Bryant - Guitar
Weston Hall - Guitar
Garrett Galtelli - Bass
Blair Davis - Drums



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Neev Memphis, Tennessee

Loud n' Weird

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Track Name: Remembrance & Junk
Alone in the corner of a crowded house
A shaking spine against the wall
I remember all of you
The key pieces of my anatomy
You are all, all of me
A phantom of gratitude and loss
I hope to haunt everyone
To leave a whisper with those I've loved
Though I am forgotten
A backdrop blur of a remembered scene
My voice is heard, my face is lost
Do you hear me
Don't you lose me
Track Name: The Same
Selfish skin in the midst of a storm
A ship at sea without a crew
Passengers ask their seers if death is in the future
Don't miss your cue
We're all gonna die here
Just put on a smile now
We'll play the same game
Fight for the same crown
While our tears fall with no one to drown but us
It's not the same as the victory we were promised
It's not the same
Track Name: Painted
Crushed leaves, sidewalks
Our footsteps forevered in the pavement
Rejoice in the silence
Rejoice in the goodbye
All of those things we tomorrowed should have been yesterday
You painted them white
You forgot your own name
You will never be close to me
Track Name: Pulpit Youth
Swimming through a lake of stones
The mistake was life itself
The golden dam stopped the river flowing
Into the depths of what we know as self
This was not the plan
This was never our dream
Raised on the killing fields of hope
This was never a nightmare
When safety is just a lie
Work hard, build wind
Then just fucking die
Track Name: Love & Thought
Like streets beaten by the feet of strangers
Exteriors calloused, aesthetically torn
But there are stories to tell and echoes of laughter
The scars on this pavement hold memories
Living on and on, in every hope and dream
Attached to hearts that don't hold our interests
Demands aren't met yet still love is endless
Just let your thoughts spill all over
We'll learn from them, we won't follow their tracks
Mistakes they made, burdens low on our backs
Just let my thoughts suffocate them all
Falling so deep in love with this moment
Just hold my hand and we'll make it through
The world is full of knives
And I missed you so much
Track Name: Unreal, Unwise, Unnecessary
Why must words taint the rain
Regrets are only memories
And memories are not real
Shadows of matters long dead
Covering myself in unrest
Tossing rocks into riverbeds
Becoming the unreal is self-mutilation
Bearing burdens unwise, unnecessary
It's just that I'm so scared of watching another home burn
Track Name: People Outside
My vision stripped bare
I'm no fool
My heart isn't solitary
You will learn
Ideals on tongues - ambiguous
I am petrified
Turned to stone
Red wine to sooth my soul
The pills to sink down
I never asked for enlightenment or its burdens
But you can't unsee
A generation of the knowing
Track Name: They Call It an Event Horizon
My life is worth a blister
Chasing dreams that I'm never gonna get
Am I breathing
Am I alive yet
Phones and drones
No help, no home
Filling their cups and mine at once
Strife can be rough but life is love
Work for the best
Hate what you must
Plant the seeds and watch them grow forever
Tomorrow is always ours
We'll take everything from the leeches we've had since birth
We inheritors of shipwrecks and broken lives
An historic moment of self-realization
Everything is ours
Track Name: Feather Light
Can't wade in the shallows
Can't learn from the gallows
Half honest about my humanity
Can't wade in the shallows
Can't learn from the gallows
Half honest about my depravity
Feather light, you're sinking in sickness
From the clouds there's no hint of weakness
Counting time and other things
Sprinting circles, no hourglass
The mirror, a failure
Egocentric yet self-loathing
Parasitic and destructive
Your image distorted
Breaking hearts and taking names
Where is your confidence
Hazy lungs and plastic forks
Emotional providence
I don't want just any answer
Give me your broken mind
Mend it till it's just like new
Acknowledge the beauty
Track Name: ;
I never thought that you'd be in a song
But I never thought a lot of things
That high horse you never gave up
Those judgments you hold so dear
They are the death of all we've learned
You traded me in for a decaying cross
Then you fucking buried me
Don't come back
But you came back
I'm such the disappointment
Just another lost cause
And you, the father figure
Born after me
The warped portrait of me in your mind
It's a lie and you're not the god damn Christ