No One Wants to Sing

by Neev

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released June 3, 2016

Bass/drums recorded at Ardent Studios in Memphis, TN, Oct 2015
Vocals/guitars recorded at The Grove in Memphis, TN, Oct 2015
Engineered by Calvin Lauber
Mixed by Blair Davis
Mastered by Carl Saff
Artwork by Robert Burns

Guest vocals on "Robert Burns" & "All These Ghosts" by Calvin Lauber

On these recordings, Neev is:
Joe Barthol - Vocals
Taylor Bryant - Guitar
Weston Hall - Guitar
Garrett Galtelli - Bass
Blair Davis - Drums



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Neev Memphis, Tennessee

Loud n' Weird

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Track Name: Rusty Swarm
Sometimes this city's a church
The steeple built by loose lips
Worship is a foreign word
We got rules and hatred
I hope you know this is for you
Laughter in your boring lungs
I'll write this down, toss back a few
Cutting off your lustful tongue
Fire in the hole, they scream
I don't want to contradict myself
But that's another topic
Let me find a reason
I'll let you find a life
What's it all for
What's it all about
That can't be the best that you come up with
That can't be your magnum opus
I give you all my pity

Lyrics by Joe Barthol
Track Name: Alone in the Dark
I need you just to get by
Faith is no match for this high
The sky is falling blots
I am blind and blurry
I'd die for fifteen towers of minutes
Or to go back to mornings refreshed
Follow sorrow home, if you have one
Distraction, adaption
Mourn for your antlers
I'll just keep on wasting my life
Dad you were right I'm doing all the drugs
Find something to heal
Find something to break your burden
I was born in an ice storm
I was blessed with stagnate muck
The light at the end of the tunnel is of no use
I accept where I am, alone in the dark
But I'm not alone
You're not alone

Lyrics by Joe Barthol
Track Name: All These Ghosts
We are all in terminal condition
Close my eyes, will you think of me this way
Forgive all the relatively small
But I know that's a selfish thing to ask
Living in my own world
I think it's better
All these ghosts can't build a home
All these ghosts can't fall asleep
My eyes have two lives
I want to know if I'm still in your book
Or if I'm dying will this other one hold me
These are all the spectres of my disconnect
I can't give them up, I won't give them up
I can't give you up, I won't give you up
I have skeletons, but you can't say that you don't

Lyrics by Joe Barthol
Track Name: Hierophant
Hide your vices in disguises
Jagged edge covered with duct tape
Brag on
I am guilty of these things, but I admit it
That's all in the distant past, so fucking move on
Veins have blood, but there's no heart
Delusions of grandeur
Masquerading devotees
Fingers pointing at phantoms
I'm not sure of a lot of shit
Take that as a lesson
But I am sure of this
Passion is essential
The fire you built was just piss and vinegar
Admit to your mistakes and maybe you'll find your way
Insurmountable ego
It's your ticket to...

Lyrics by Joe Barthol
Track Name: Michael Jordan's Last Slam Dunk Ever
Someday I'll wish
For now, I will hope for the best
If only hope wasn't lost for me
My presence seems so catastrophic
I want to be a criminal in the most beautiful way
Honesty is both a weakness and a strength
Fear of what's to come
This is all I have
Trust me, trust me
I was so lost until I found the shade
A leap with no faith

Lyrics by Joe Barthol
Track Name: Monitor
I'm sore, and I'm tired
Be the wall between danger and me
I'll be your blanket against the cold
Our world was in shadow
Some lives just linger
And I am one of them
In sweet bondage
Bleeding in the haymarket
Running out of ink
Be my loving chains
Something inside makes me throw in the towel
You are why I breathe

Lyrics by Joe Barthol
Track Name: Owl on Me
Let my fingers be the words
And yours the punctuation
Let our future be an ellipsis
And I swear I'll give you everything
Are the we victims of obsolete superstition
Is this the connection
About which novels and songs are penned
Why is it that when this thread is severed
Our blood turns to wolfs bane
What was it I did wrong
Did I wait too long to say I love you
Was the placement wrong
Was my cadence off
The path home is clearly illuminated
But you don't want to be the first to take it
I'll go and leave you a path of stone
When you make it
We'll eat the ashes of our loved ones

Lyrics by Taylor Bryant
Track Name: Monster Truck Jam
Give us a signal to speak
What if I never want to leave
What if I never want to believe
I will evade your permission
I've grown used to falling apart
I am the sound no one hears
Until they want to
Here's my soul, I need shelter
Here's my time, I'm so hungry
Is everyone ready for a show
Because I feel like a body beneath the waterfall
Biding my time to meet that coffin
This is the sound of me slowing down
I hope I can find my rest
But I don't understand the pages

Lyrics by Joe Barthol
Track Name: Robert Burns
I've learned to appreciate the fact that life gives and life takes
A let down to all my friends
An inspiration
I can't count the many that are left
But I keep secrets close
Thank you, thank you
Feel my love cover you
I built a wall of fearful apprehension
I thought distance was a harmless addiction
You are more than I deserve
I can hate with countless stars
But I don't want to drown
Please believe me
So much is gone that cannot be replaced
But from this angle there is so much to gain
I owe it all to this
I owe it all to all of you
Your blood, your sweat, your tears
You have kept me alive
Unknowingly fighting these battles with me
Thank you, thank you
No one wants to sing until they fall in love
No one wants to sing until they fall apart

Lyrics by Joe Barthol & Taylor Bryant